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Vital Tips for Maintaining Vaginal Health During Exercise: Your Comprehensive Guide

Vital Tips for Maintaining Vaginal Health During Exercise: Your Comprehensive Guide

We've all heard it a million times or so: exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind. However, there is little discussion of how exercise affects vaginal health. Find out how to maintain vagina health while keeping your exercise and activity routine frequent.

Your body changes throughout your life and factors like hormones, pregnancy, and hygiene can affect how your body responds. In your vagina, there are naturally occurring healthy bacteria that stop yeast and harmful bacteria from overgrowing and causing bacterial vaginosis. You can create an ideal environment for infection by adding a warm, sweaty post-workout milieu (made even closer by wearing tight leggings or underwear). Let's go through a few tips to avoid this!

1. Let your vagina breathe

Skip the underwear at night every once and awhile - tight underwear constantly can cause irritation or bacteria to build up. Let it breathe!

2. Try cotton underwear

Cotton is great for working out as it's breathable and fights against moisture! Nylon and other fabrics can trap heat or cause rashes. This simple change might make all the difference for your vagina's comfort and well-being.

3. Try different underwear styles

Thongs can sometimes cause UTI's or infections due to the tightness of the fabric and the bacteria that can travel from back to front. Try boyshorts or other styles if you're having issues wearing thongs.

4. Change right after exercising

Sitting in your dirty gym clothes is a bacteria haven. Shower as soon as you can and make sure to get fresh underwear and bottoms.

5. Ditch the scented soaps

We know after the gym it's tempting to use the most flowery, nice smelling soap after a sweaty workout - but this could be irritating your vulva. Try a unscented & sensitive skin soap that should never go up or in your vagina or around the vulva.

6. Try adding proactive supplements

Yeast infections and UTI's are no fun for anyone. Try a probiotic & proactive UTI gummy to make sure you're balancing your vaginal health naturally and get ahead of any infections that might be brought on from any of the above causes. Learn more about how proactive menstrual health solutions can proactively help you manage your health!

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