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  • helped my skin

    I tried everything for my PMS acne and these really seem to keep my skin clear. They also have clean ingredients so it doesn't feel like I'm eating weird stuff

  • Yummy and helpful

    Some people said that they didn't like the taste at first but I really liked it from day 1. Most importantly it really helped with my bloating after consistently taking them everyday. I highly recommend giving them a try if you have been searching for something different

  • period feels normal

    After I had my second child, my period became super awful and heavy, and these really helped make my period go back to before, I really love these!!

  • period!!!

    I get super awful shooting pains in my bad and lower stomach and this product legit got rid of them, I was as shocked as you are try them


    After a few months eating these gummies, I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I’m on my period. Though these aren’t some magical gummy that will make all your period symptoms completely disappear, they have made my periods so much more manageable. I was skeptical at first but after about 3 months my cramps and way less intense and less frequent, I feel way less bloated, and I’m not as fatigued. Trust me, these are worth a try

  • Love this gummy

    These gummies are worth the buy

  • I have tried a lot of things like this

    I've run the gambit with things that said they would help with my cramps, and this is the first one that actually helped (at least a little bit). I know nothing is a cure-all but something about aura's made an actual difference mostly after a month and a half of using it

  • Can't believe it actually works this well!!

    I really wanted to made sure I waited before writing something about this product, and also didn't want to gynx what I was feeling. These gummies do exactly what they say they will do, and I am pleasantly surprised that there is something that could actually help my period acne. I have started recommending this to my friends more and more because I really haven't felt like something tackles these sorts of problems, and now I am hooked.

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