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Managing Stress and Learning to Work Through It Naturally

Managing Stress and Learning to Work Through It Naturally

Two things that affect us physically and emotionally in very different ways.

Similar to the fight-or-flight reaction, stress can be both good and detrimental depending on how much of it you let into your everyday life. Stress may keep us safe and alert us to leave a dangerous situation, but when stress becomes a persistent issue, difficulties arise.

Taking Care of Stress

We may decide to support our bodies in de-stressing. You may relieve the strain that you feel gnawing at you every day by incorporating a few good behaviors into your daily routine. Chronic stress must be avoided! It's just as crucial to learn how to manage your stress and put those techniques into practice as it is to eat healthily, exercise, and drink enough of water. Chronic stress increases your need for sweets, saps your vitality, and makes you gain weight. Stress may cause low levels of the hormones cortisol and progesterone around the time of the month, which makes us experience the full force of the terrible PMS symptoms. What are some natural methods that we may lessen stress?

Our bodies' sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve systems function to provide safety signals. By turning on our parasympathetic nervous system, we may have a greater sense of peace and a sense that our lives are not always in overdrive. The greatest approach to turn that system on is to do actions that indicate safety to us.

A DEEP BREATH. Deep breathing for five counts in and five counts out may reduce stress levels right away. It aids in bringing us into the present moment and provides us a feeling of security.

GROUND POSTURE. Consider your physical posture. We have a propensity to withdraw while under stress. Release the tension you may be holding at the base of your skull by stretching and placing your hands behind your head.

MORE LOVE. Spend time with those you care about. Genuine physical contact, particularly from people you care about, is a great stress reliever. In a tense environment, touch may help us feel at ease and secure. Your parasympathetic nervous system will be activated, and love will be expressed.

In a nutshell, our stress levels will significantly drop when we slow down, love those around us, take good care of our family or friends, and engage honestly with the people we care about. Relations are crucial. They support us in stepping beyond our own thinking and into the present moment. Of course, loving yourself is also crucial.

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