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Aura Essentials Brings 4 Proactive Menstrual Health Products to Select Nationwide Shelves

Aura Essentials Brings 4 Proactive Menstrual Health Products to Select Nationwide Shelves

An often taboo subject, menstrual health has always been overlooked in the healthcare realm. Lack of health education, clean solutions, and products to use BEFORE issues occur has left many women wasting time, energy, and money while feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. Aura Essentials brings a fresh proactive alternative for PMS, Urinary Tract Infections, Yeast Infections & Menopause using completely clean, vegan, GMO-free and cruelty-free ingredients. With these pharmacist-formulated gummy supplements, women are able to take control of their health by simply adding 2 gummies per day to their routine and allowing the active ingredient botanicals to do what they do best. Managing menstrual health should not be out of reach or feel like a complicated process. Aura Essentials is on a mission to change that.

With the use of botanicals, each formula is made with each pain point in mind. Cramping, bloating, mood swings, and more have always been an afterthought of PMS - but what if we could tackle all of this proactively? Maritime Pine Bark, Chasteberry and Dandelion Root have all been known to be used for years and years for these occurrences that tend to throw off productivity and, well, feeling good. These ingredients put all together in 1 gummy allow women to feel empowered and manage their own health from home and on the go. The team at Aura Essentials found that if people needed proactive solutions for PMS, why not for UTI’s, Yeast Infections, and Menopause; all historically inaccessible or underserved causing many women to spend hours setting up doctor appointments or using unsuccessful remedies that cost money and waste time.

Aura Essentials continues to build their community while striving to encourage people to take control of their menstrual health and leave the outdated solutions behind.

Managing menstrual health with Aura Essentials has never been easier and it just got EVEN easier. All 4 products are now available at select CVS® locations and at®

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