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PMS Acne - can we fix that?

PMS Acne - can we fix that?

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to go on a date and realizing a zit is coming in hot because of your period. Breaking out the full coverage concealer and pilling on the foundation is hard to do without makeup becoming cake-y and honestly we just don’t feel our best. Aura Essentials contains chaseberry - which may help reduce the appearance of premenstrual acne. By balancing your hormones, it can reduce those annoying pimples you get before or during your period.

We get it, you’ve heard it all before, tried the latest and greatest creams, pills, and routines. Aura Essentials won’t promise you perfect skin, but we will applaud you for investing in your long-term health. By being transparent, honest and real about what ingredients are in our products, we aim to empower women with knowledge, education and confidence so you can take your health into your own hands and say goodbye to unbearable PMS.

Like skincare products, we recommend giving your body a chance to adjust, react, and change. Two full menstrual cycles can make a big difference in seeing Aura Essentials do its magic. Chasteberry is the key ingredient that aims to reduce hormonal acne and additionally may also minimize mood-imbalance, bloating, and breast tenderness. 

Periods don’t have to be unbearable and shouldn’t hold you back. Not from that date, a big interview, or just during your daily routine. Pharmacist-formulated to support women, Aura Essentials natural supplements are backed by science and designed to empower you. 

Opinions, content, and any information expressed in this article are intended to be general in nature and do not constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek medical advice from your professional healthcare provider.

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