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No leakage, no problem.

No leakage, no problem.

When it comes to period products, it’s never one size fits all.

While some people prefer tampons, others solely use pads or pantiliners. 

Depending on your flow, you can choose what works best for you throughout your period. If you notice you have a heavier flow during the first few days, you can use a heavy flow pad or combine a tampon with a pantiliner. Choosing organic cotton options are the best options as they exclude dyes or any harmful chemicals. Anything scented can often cause an allergic reaction or lead to UTI’s / yeast infections, so be mindful when choosing period products.

Some people prefer Diva cups as it has an environmentally friendly benefit of no packaging, but it’s not for everyone.

There are also brands that sell period underwear that are washable & eco-friendly. Combining these types of products with pads or tampons can also be a good idea if you’re worried about leakage.

Periods are nothing to be nervous or embarrassed about!

Choosing the right products can save your favorite pair of underwear and give you peace of mind throughout the day!

In addition to period education, check out Aura Essentials natural supplements that are backed by science and designed to empower you. 

Opinions, content, and any information expressed in this article are intended to be general in nature and do not constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek medical advice from your professional healthcare provider.

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