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Relief Within Reach: Tips for Natural Period Pain Management

Relief Within Reach: Tips for Natural Period Pain Management

Although advances in women's health have been made in recent years, the most popular methods of managing period pain, such as ibuprofen, birth control, and other over-the-counter medications, aren't always effective and aren't at all beneficial to our bodies. They are merely band-aid fixes, and we are adamant that women deserve better, more proactive solutions to managing period paid.

All About the Balance

People are learning more and more about how to properly balance their hormones by giving their bodies the right foods. Even though many people are unaware of this important relationship, significant negative symptoms of our periods are nearly always the result of hormonal imbalances. The typical first-world consumer lifestyle includes a variety of foods that unbalance these hormones. Regular intake of the right nutrients helps our bodies go back to where they need to be.

Balance translates into greatly lessened cramps, weariness, and cognitive fog. Here are some tips & tricks!

Keep hydrated

You'd be shocked at how many women simply don't drink enough water during their period. Although it may seem pretty obvious (losing blood indicates I'm losing water, thus I should replace what I've lost), it happens more often than you might think. It's essential that we provide our bodies with fresh supplies to replenish the ones they lose.


Get the Good Foods, Avoid the Bad Foods

One of the most effective strategies to keep period discomfort under control is with a balanced, healthy diet. While every diet is different, here are a few straightforward period nutrition suggestions.

The best foods to eat to aid in your body's recovery during menstruation are chicken, fish, and leafy greens because you will lose a lot of iron during this time.

Avoid highly processed, salty, and fatty foods. For any of us, this is difficult, but the advantages are worthwhile. Certain botanicals & proactive menstrual health solutions contain vitamins that curb PMS cravings. Check out more here.

Exercise Routinely

Even simple workouts performed at home or a short walk around the block can do wonders for the body by assisting in the maintenance of good blood flow. Simple, regular movement keeps us from being overly rigid and tense.

Yoga also has been known to be an effective yet gentle workout when you're not feeling your best during the time of month!

Other Natural Treatments

Studies have also proven that essential oils can in fact assist to ease period discomfort. Acupuncture is also proven to benefit certain women by reducing anxiety and promoting more body relaxation.

Proactive PMS solutions contain botanicals that target PMS pain and help you manage proactively. Learn more about Aura Essentials PMS here.

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