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Decoding the Hidden Messages: Unraveling the Meanings of Period Blood

Decoding the Hidden Messages: Unraveling the Meanings of Period Blood

Did you know the color of your period blood each month can sometimes offer insights on your body's health? You can always ask your doctor if you're unsure, but your body might be telling you something that can allow you to take action proactively! Find out how

Bright Red:

This indicates a "normal" and healthy flow. On day one, your flow should be somewhat heavy; on day two, it should be at its heaviest; and when your period is ending, it should start to taper down. As the color is exposed to more air at the end of your flow, it is also typical for the color to oxidize and turn brown. Remember, everyrone's body is different, so if you're unsure you can ask your doctor.

Light Pink:

This can be an indication of low estrogen levels, excessive activity, excessive dieting, or a food shortage. Additionally, there is frequently minor bleeding present. Professional female athletes frequently cease ovulating and stop having periods. It might not seem like a huge concern, but persistently low estrogen levels can raise your risk of osteoporosis, a disorder that weakens and brittles your bones. You might want to reevaluate your workouts and/or consult with your health practitioner if you recently modified your food or exercise routines and started having light pink periods. Always ask a doctor if you're unsure.

Purple/Dark Period Blood:

This may be a sign of elevated estrogen levels. It frequently comes with a lot of bleeding and/or clots. can also be linked to fibroids, ovarian cysts, PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, or PCOS.

Maroon brown:

Maroon-brown may be an indication of low progesterone or old oxidized blood from your last cycle that your uterus didn't completely clean up if it appears brown and almost streaky on the first day. The uterus can be cleaned rid of old blood by using vaginal steaming. However, being brownish in color at the end of your period is normal. If your progesterone level is too low, you may endure cycles with high anxiety or depression, mood swings, tension, decreased sex drive, and all PMS symptoms.

Gray or Orange:

Bright orange or gray coloration could indicate a vaginal infection or cervical fluid laced with blood. Schedule a visit with your physician.

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