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What do PMS vitamins do anyway?

What do PMS vitamins do anyway?

We’ve all been told to take your vitamins! Growing up it was taking those chewy vitamins my mom handed me that tasted terrible. When I got to college I moved on to a random multivitamin I saw at the pharmacy that I hoped would keep my immunity up. Recently, I spent too much money buying different vitamins that are supposed to target different functions but I have no idea if they work or not - my friends like the brands but I really don’t know what’s in them. Do they do anything?

I recently discovered the functions of botanicals in vitamins. It started when I got into the Adaptogen Coffee trend, and realized the adaptogens calmed my usual anxiety after coffee. I tried the whole green tea replacement for coffee, but always find myself going back to it. For some reason, this really works for me and it got me wondering if maybe I can apply the same education to actually understand what’s in my vitamins and what they do. 

Specifically, I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on with my period. I’ve been to the doctor (which is always recommended first in case something needs medical & professional attention) and learned that my specific type of birth control causes irregular periods and spotting. Sometimes I get my period twice a month, sometimes my period starts and stops, or my period is randomly late. I could change birth control methods, but I really like mine and I don’t feel like the side-effects are too much to handle, so instead I have been trying to educate myself (with my doctor) on botanical PMS vitamins and how they target different PMS symptoms:

  • Maritime Pine Bark

  • I know, it sounds weird right? This ingredient is hard to find in any PMS products, but it actually has seriously cool benefits. It has been known to promote healthy blood flow and productivity. That icky feeling we get on our periods can be reduced and even supported with focus. Additionally, it has been known to promote healthy skin & collagen - which our dermatologists would love. Maritime Pine Bark even goes as far to protect the skin against UV rays, maintain skin elasticity and endurance.

  • Chasteberry

  • Chasteberry sounds like a forbidden fruit, but it actually can reduce bloating and breast tenderness. Mood-imbalance caused by our menstrual cycle can also be reduced along with some hormonal acne. Sign me up for this one.

  • Dandelion Root

  • We all know antioxidants are good for you, and this one happens to be a powerful one. This pesky flower helps maintain healthy flora and minimizes the impact of water retention flushing out toxins. It doesn’t just come in an aesthetic tea form that we’ve seen on TikTok, but actually works to target bloating.

    There are lots of other vitamins and minerals that could probably improve PMS, but the power of these 3 combined seems pretty great to me. Knowing what’s in my vitamins has become so important to me that I have started paying more attention to even food ingredients and making sure I’m supporting my body the best I can.

    Pharmacist-formulated to support women, Aura Essentials natural supplements are backed by science and designed to empower you. 

    Opinions, content, and any information expressed in this article are intended to be general in nature and do not constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek medical advice from your professional healthcare provider.

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