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Understanding PMS Bloating: Causes, Symptoms, and Relief Strategies

Understanding PMS Bloating: Causes, Symptoms, and Relief Strategies

Bloating during PMS or periods can make you feel not as confident in your clothes or overall just not your best. Although it may not last long, there are ways to minimize or avoid it every month!

Understanding the Causes of Period Bloating

The typical bloated feeling that most women associate with their periods typically occurs a few days before to menstruation. It is a typical PMS symptom that can occasionally be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Some people only suffer from minor bloating, while others may become so bloated that they need to wear looser clothing.

In the days before your period, estrogen might make you feel bloated by urging your body to retain more salt and water than usual. Progesterone levels dramatically decline in the days leading up to your period. This may slow down your digestive process, which could lead to food building up in your digestive tract and causing stomach bloating. Additionally, cramping and constipation can be brought on by the decline in progesterone. Bloating, period pain, and other monthly cycle symptoms eventually fade away as your body continues to undergo progesterone and estrogen hormonal changes during and after the first few days of your cycle. It follows that you probably feel a change in mood, confidence, and energy 

Reduce Bloating

In the days before your period, stay away from salty meals and processed carbohydrates.
To assist you maintain regular bowel movements prior to and throughout menstruation, use natural diuretics (such as watermelon, spinach, garlic, and cucumber). Before and during your period, consume foods high in potassium, such as bananas, sweet potatoes, melons, mushrooms, oranges, and cooked broccoli. Some Birth controls may help lessen bloating and other period-related symptoms while stabilizing erratic periods. Drink a lot of water because your body will be more likely to flush the water out if you do (yes, water retention adds to period bloat). Dehydrating yourself in an effort to reduce bloating is harmful, risky, and will just cause your body to retain water for a longer period of time.
If using a birth control pill makes sense for you, do so. Bloating is one of the many monthly symptoms that birth control can reduce. Drink some ginger, chamomile, raspberry leaf, or peppermint tea. All of these components can lessen bloating and other period symptoms. Maintain a hormone balance. Hormones can make all of your period symptoms worse when they become entirely out of control. Eating a balanced diet is important, but if we don't know which foods target the release of our hormones naturally, it may not be enough.

Using supplements like Aura Essentials PMS containing Maritime Pine Bark, Chasteberry, and Dandelion Root may make a huge different in bloating, cramping and more.

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